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Welcome to my website! My name is William C. Barnes, but most people know me as Bill.  I started this website to add a beacon of hope to those with spiritual issues.  We live in such a fast-paced world that often we look past our reason for being on planet Earth because we’re busy making a living, raising kids and trying to make ends meet. We forget that we are here to learn about ourselves and our true purpose which is to learn to become more aware as to how to best serve God.  We are all infinite spirits living in temporary shells in a three-dimensional world.  Some day, by whatever means, we throw off that shell and move on into another one; or we go to the spirit domain to review our lives before taking on another shell.

I have noticed that people who come back within a century of death seem to have issues about remembering their past-lives to the point that it interferes with their present life.  I am one such person.  I was born only 41 years to the day of Titanic hitting the iceberg. I must tell you that given the strength of my memories, it has not been a pleasant experience! I have had to deal with issues in that life as well as present life issues, plus suffer the humiliation heaped upon me after I "went public."  I write about that experience on a later page.

Because of my experience, I am particularly interested in children who, like me, have memories right from the start.  Most children do "grow out" of it, but there are those who are so wrapped up in their memories that it affects their childhood.  I am making myself available to parents of children with such issues.

But let me make something clear.  There is not a ghost inside your child and he/she is not demonically possessed! Their memories are as true and strong as memories in their present life.  Adults need to recognize this.  The child is remembering something because it is fully present in their lives and needs to be dealt with.

As a Spiritual Exploratory Author, I look for the workings of Spirit in all things.  My literary work concentrates on aspects of spirituality.  For example, the character in one book states that life has given him no choices and life continues to give him things he does not choose until he finally learns what choice really means.  It is not so simple a lesson as one might think.

Then there is my BLOG. In it I celebrate life.  I created it to share the spiritual, the paranormal, and stories from my life. I also have a category for pets.  They are spiritual in their own right.  You will find humor, pathos, and (I hope) wisdom. I invite you most heartily to participate in my blog.  It (after all) is written for you! [And speaking of you, I'd be delighted to have your comments on my BLOG. In order to do so, though, I need to set up a user ID for you, so drop me an E-mail and the BLOG will send you back your ID and password.] There’s one last thing.  When you go to my blog entrance above, the ship’s horn you hear is actually Titanic’s.  It was recovered from the debris field, refurbished and recorded.  Now there’s authenticity for you!

Well, I’ve expounded enough for now.  Please feel welcome to check all the pages in my website and come back every few weeks.  So I can best serve you, my site will continue to be a work in progress.

William C. Barnes, CHT

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