Bill Barnes sighting icebergABOUT MYSELF

I was born on April 14th 1953; 41 years after Titanic hit the iceberg.  It's interesting that Titanic’s hull number was 401 or 40+1.  The first words I spoke happened when I was caught by my mother as I was drawing a ship on the kitchen wall. "This is my ship". I told my mother.  To say my mother was floored is an understatement. Also when I was younger I was fascinated by the Walt Disney show "Zorro" and drew "Z's" all over the place.  I was a writer even then. ;0)

I’ve had memories of Thomas Andrews throughout my life.  I would dream of a large peach colored mass of steel falling of me, or watching people jump overboard a sinking ship.  I remember feeling hopeless during the bleak, cold and snowy winters in Ohio.  I knew these feelings came from someplace but I could never figure it out.  I could never figure out who the man was who argued with others about how to build a ship.

I never put a name to the man in my memories until I was hypnotized in my early twenties by a psychiatrist, because of some emotional problems I was having. That's when I first heard the name Tommie Andrews.  At that point the psychiatrist told me she didn’t know how to help me.

I was so upset I tried to put it all out of mind. But the flashes of memories and "remembrances" continued to invade my consciousness for twenty more years until I had a breakdown in my early 40's.  Were it not for Frank Baranowski I think I would have gone even deeper into depression.  The man literally saved my life!

I have published my past-life memories of Titanic's builder, in Thomas Andrews (A Past-Life Memory)  now available on Kindle.  An audiobook:  My Life and Death  is now available only on It includes unedited sections of my regression sessions plus comments by professionals and an interview with a member of the Ismay family that owned Titanic! The printed version of my Kindle book is Thomas Andrews: Voyage into History. This book outlines scientific methods used to confirm my past-life memories. Currently I have just completed a new book called The Legend of Running Brook, a coming of age story. Running Brook is available on Kindle, Nook, IPad , Android and in print.  I also have one book in progress: The Transmuter (The Atlantean Library) an adventure story. The Transmuter will come out in 2015. For all my books you can click on the titles here or go to the bookstore.

Of course there is more to me than just writing books.  I am a retired DoD Federal employee living on my pension.  I really can't discuss what I did, but I can say I did library-related work.  In many ways I regret taking the job, but it offered a steady income (albeit in a job I hated) and a good pension plan.  I had designs on being an opera or musical comedy actor as I'm a trained baritone, but I was afraid of being the starving artist.  In retrospect I regret not giving it a try.  I’ll never know how that would have worked out.  But then on the other hand there are many friends I might never have met and my life would not be where it is today, so overall I'm now content. However, if you know someone who needs a good baritone, please think of me ;0).

I once owned a ranch way out in the middle of nowhere in Gila Bend, Arizona.  I had horses, goats and poultry; and NO neighbors. I loved the solitude and being outdoors.  If you give it a chance you'd find Arizona's Sonoran Desert to be a beautiful place.  In 2008 when the housing market went sour I had to give up my ranch and my beloved animals. My second marriage failed. I nearly lost everything.

Now when I am asleep, many dreams I have are of being on top of my favorite horse, "Sere" and tromping through the desert. A horse is better than any 4X4! Teddy Roosevelt once said that the outsides of horses are good for the insides of a man.  Never a truer word spoken.

My present day interests are reading. This is really a new interest as I had never read that much before -- never had the time. I never read about Titanic because it upset me but finally read about it to research my past-life memories after my regression.  Since I've obtained a kindle I read two books a week.  I've gone through the works of Tolstoy, Dickens, Bradbury and a whole bunch of other authors.  I find it interesting as a writer to look at others' work and either learn something new or critique them.  It’s a new experience.

I live alone with my cat, Mr. Wookie and love it!  I answer to no one and I can spend a lot of time in personal reflection over my life. The result has been that it has provided much fodder for my writing. I've also started reading books related to other peoples' spiritual experiences and how it changed their lives.  This also helps my writing as it opens my mind.

I am very interested in UFO's and abduction cases and am willing to help those in the Phoenix area with abduction cases as I am a Certified Hypnotist and Regression Therapist.  Getting back to the UFO's, I was a member and investigator for MUFON the Mutual UFO Network.  MUFON is a respectable scientific-based organization that is truly dedicated to the investigation and search for answers about UFO’s. Their methods of investigation are purely scientific in their approach.

Investigators must take a VERY hard test and pass it (of course LOL) in order to investigate.  I did mostly telephone interviews. I would get annoyed when people with photos insisted on getting at least $25,000 before they would share them for testing. Also I can't tell you how many times I've met someone who felt a telepathic connection with a UFO that turned out to be the planet Venus! I resigned not because of the organization but because unlike Tommie I do not suffer fools well.

As far as my personality goes I will say truthfully that I am impatient especially when I want something completed. I will keep after a thing or person related to the goal until it's finished.  So I guess I'm a bit of a pain in the derrière.  I believe this trait is the same as Tommie Andrews who sought out perfection in his work and demanded it from everyone else.  It was a good trait for building safe ships but does not serve me particularly well in this life. I try to be patient, really, but it's my greatest weakness. Hopefully though, I have not hurt anyone with this trait. Despite this, I have many friends all over the world -- some for as long as 50 years; so I guess I'm not that hard to get along with. I will to the best of my ability be tactful when telling someone what I think.  I live by the motto: Always tell the truth and you never have to remember what you say.

I love listening to music and am a great fan of opera, and musical comedies.  I enjoy engaging in conversations about opera or plays, the actors, plots and music. Two of my favorite singers are Ed Ames, and the great baritone Leonard Warren an American opera singer whose voice was utterly free.

I love trivia about movies and screen/television actors.  Did you know that James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader) was a stutterer in his early life.  Interestingly he did not stutter when reading poems or prose in front of his class.  But I digress.

Needless to say I am fascinated by ships old and new.  I am especially fascinated by submarines and wanted to enlist in the Navy to serve aboard them, but was talked out of it by a family member who had just come back from Viet Nam.

There is much more I can say about myself, but I think you have a good idea who I am. I hope I’ve painted an accurate and honest description of myself.  Now you know me from the outside.  Be prepared to see me now from the inside:

Violet is the color of the higher self. A strong violet aura indicates that the person is likely to be strongly connected to their higher values and purpose in life. Also indicates a high level of intuition and truly spiritual thinking. It indicates that the person is motivated by what is right. People with purple in their auras are often spiritual teachers, leaders, and healers.
White is a color of purity and truth. A pure white aura is extremely rare.
Indigo (or blues) indicates a calm, relaxed, reserved, and balanced, spiritual individual. Reflects the higher realms of our mental capabilities. A person with a strong blue aura is likely to be highly intuitive and imaginative. Also means that a person has more of a spiritual outlook on life and may not be motivated by the search for material things. A bright blue hue indicates that the person is receiving and/or transmitting energy or is in telepathic communication.

This aura picture was taken when I was around fifty years-old. I wonder what my aura would look like today?

Here's a nice Llewellyn article, which you may find of interest.

If you feel you have a past-life connection to Titanic or any other point in history, please join the titanicmemories Yahoo group. We are a non-judgmental group and welcome all points of view.

This is one of my better video interviews, done in 2003...