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American author William C. Barnes, born on the anniversary of the Titanic disaster has been plagued since childhood by memories that were not part of his life experience. As an adult, he underwent regression therapy and discovered his memories belonged to Irish shipbuilder, Thomas Andrews, a man who died 41 years before Barnes was borne. This paperback book is an updated version of Thomas Andrews: A Voyage Into History (now out of print). Order your copy (and a few for your friends so you don't have to loan yours out) at
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A fantasy -- available NOW in Kindle format, also epub format at Lulu, Barnes & Noble,
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An unseen Watcher lives in the land of the Kepke.  He resides in the inner forest -- the Forest of Thought and Creation.  He was sent by the Great Everywhere Father to observe and judge the Kepke people.  Every Kepke man is warned not to venture too far away from the outer forest, for he might come upon the Watcher and die a terrible fearful death.   Yet someday there will be a Kepke man who will possess great medicine.  He will venture into the inner forest.  The Watcher will seek him out and the lives of the Kepke will be changed forever.  But the legends never say exactly HOW this will happen, or what the change will be. To find the answer, Running Brook must leave the land of the Kepke on a quest that will take him into the mystical Forest and deep within himself.

I received this note by snail mail from my friend, J Randall Ismay in Safford, Arizona:
Bill, if I could get on the internet, I'd give your book five stars! I found it a delight, start to finish. I recognized some Lakota practices in the text so I loaned it to my friend, a Lakota elder. He is a medicine man, but he does not claim it, and he read the book. He too was very pleased with it and liked everything but the shape shifting trees which he indicated would not be in keeping with his peoples traditions. Otherwise he was delighted and hopes you will write another. He loaned the book to one of his young Lakota charges who also enjoyed the book and also recognized a number of his tribal ways.

The Transmuter cover

A fantasy I'm currently in the process of writing.
Available in 2015.

What if strange dreams and memories intruded on your life?  What if the legends about an ancient world are true? What if we are a species with amnesia?

Greg Thomas, world famous baritone is troubled by terrible nightmares and the fear of losing his dying wife. After a nervous breakdown on stage he is introduced to regression therapy, and from there his odyssey into self begins.


"Irini!" Aboytos cried as he gently picked her up. She lay face-down on the floor. A dagger protruded from the blood stained dress; its sharp steel blade buried deep in her chest cavity. Tears filled Aboytos’ eyes as he saw Irini’s life blood spread out from her dress over the floor.

"Oh, Irini! What have I done?" Aboytos wailed. He pulled her face to his and wept.

"Save yourself…" she murmured, as the walls around them crumbled down shaking the flooring.

"Irini, you’re alive!" He quickly looked around the crumbling room to assess the options. "Let me get you out of here!"

"No, Aboytos," Irini gurgled as blood poured from her mouth. "Save yourself. Leave me and save yourself... We will return together to love again."

"No! No, Irini, I won’t leave you!"

"Greg! Greg, wake up!"

Greg Thomas was startled awake by the sound of his wife’s, urgent voice. He rolled over facing Leslie.

"You’re having that nightmare again!" She patted his cheek.

Even in the darkened room he could see the ravages of her illness. She looked drawn.

"Oh, Leslie, I am so sorry I woke you up again," Greg said softly. He reached his arm under her head and neck and drew her closer. She was so emaciated he felt he could count her bones. He feared that if he held her too tightly they might fracture.

"I know how much you need to rest. I have no control over these weird dreams. I only know I have them because I wake you. I wish I could remember them." Greg looked at the ceiling as the undesired conclusion seemed obvious.

"Maybe I should sleep in the other room."

Leslie reached up and gently pulled Greg’s face to hers and planted a loving peck on his nose.

"No silly. Don’t do that."

Leslie feebly shook her bony finger at Greg, with a joking scold, "But this lack of sleep is not helping me. Maybe you should get that help we talked about."

"Leslie, you know I don’t want to leave you alone for unnecessary things," Greg protested.

"Unnecessary? Every night you call out for 'Irini' and then you can’t tell me who she is."

Leslie gave Greg a stern look, and then gently smiled, "I’m not sure I like the competition from the mystery woman who keeps invading my husband’s sleep. I want to be the only woman in bed with you. I don’t want you leaving me for this 'Irini' woman even in your dreams."

Greg drew Leslie even closer and placed his cheek against hers.

"You are the only woman for me. Leslie, I won’t leave you."

Greg closed his eyes but it did not block his tears. He repeated his words softly to Leslie, "I won’t leave you, Leslie. I won’t leave you, Leslie."

The tears now rolled down his cheeks and wet his pillow, but Leslie was again asleep and did not hear Greg softly crying.

I have two other books in the works. One is the Sequel to The Legend of Running Brook, called Redemption.

What happened to Buffalo Horn after the end of The Legend of Running Brook?

This book, like The Legend of Running Brook, is an everyman tale of conversion and reclamation.  I’m sure you will enjoy it. 

In print form it is joined to a new addition of The legend of Running Brook as “Book two”.  You can order the print version from the tab above marked LULU above.

The ebook version of Redemption can be ordered by logging into any of the ebook sites: Kindle, Nook, Ibooks and ebooks.

Last in line of the three new books features two long stories.  One about a psychic working for a Black Budget Government program. It is called Alien Advocate.

I went down the stairs to the left of the platform, sat down and pressed my hand to the observation glass.  Immediately the being settled down and pressed his ethereal hand across from mine. A telepathic contact was made. “I’m afraid,” he said.

The second story is about four men on the hunt for the Ohio Grassman otherwise known as Bigfoot.  The story is called The Portal.

As they rode upward, they ran into a hail of rocks branches and stones coming out of the forest on each side of the ATV trail. The stones, rocks and other debris seemed to be thrown in front of them. Nonetheless one rock hit Fred in the forehead and he could feel blood dripping into his right eye.

Everyone stopped. Suddenly they heard a knocking sound like a branch hitting a tree.

“What the hell?” Buzz exclaimed.

Watch for this book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and on all ebook formats.  They will be out soon!

Happy reading!

They will appear together under the title, Two Stories by William C. Barnes