Frank Baranowski


Frank is the reason this website exists and the reason that I gained control over pernicious past-life memories.  He was a happy person.  If he liked you, he let you know immediately and he made himself your best friend.  It was said in jest at his memorial service that Frank “married” everyone he met.  So true.

Frank was perhaps one of the best regression therapists I have known, and I have met and worked with many through IARRT (The International Association of Regression Research and Therapies) of which Frank was a member and I believe its one-time President.

I simply thought I was schizophrenic, seeing things in my mind’s eye and hearing voices in my head about a big ship. I felt hopeless because it intruded on my life and my job. Frank knew better.  He welcomed me into his home and had me sit in a luxurious leather recliner. I remember when he started to put me in a relaxed state I chuckled.  I thought: This will never work.  When I was (much to my surprise later) in a hypnotic state, part of me felt that I had never been so comfortable and calm of mind in my life.  Then I heard myself talking.  I didn’t understand a word I was saying, and briefly I would hear Frank’s voice interspersed in the sound.

When Frank brought me back to consciousness, I immediately felt as if someone had taken a large hypodermic needle, shoved it deep in my skull and downloaded every memory I had talked about while under hypnosis!  I remembered everything. I began to shake and was still shaking when I got into my truck to go home despite the fact that Frank offered a glass of wine to calm me down.  We did two more such sessions where even more information was received, and as with the first waking experience the “hypodermic needle.” again did its work.

Frank encouraged me to listen only to the tapes and not research Titanic in any way shape or form.  I just started to transcribe the sessions and then write my “book.”  It wasn’t until I much later compared what I had written to the Shaun Bullock book: Thomas Andrews Shipbuilder (on Kindle) that I realized my dreams and flashes of memories were accurate right down to reading a book titled The Life of the Bee. Tommie was an amateur beekeeper.

I think my case was the one that Frank had looked for all his life, because he threw himself completely into promoting me and my work.  But Frank was always doing something for me and all his other friends at that.

Frank suffered from cardiomyopathy, due to a virus and his poor heart grew weaker with time.  Despite the fact that he was otherwise in good health and looked and acted younger than his 71 years, he was denied a heart transplant due to age. It’s unfair when you consider that former Vice President Dick Cheney received a transplant yet he was older than Frank. Frank succumbed to his illness in January of 2002.  The morning I read the announcement of his death on his website, I wept bitterly.

So Frank, this website is dedicated to your memory. May you receive the positive karma and spiritual rewards that you so richly deserve.  I miss you, buddy.

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