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Currently, is writing a screenplay based on the books and recordings listed here! Finally -- a movie that tells the REAL story.
Here's a sample of the screenplay, and here is a message from Oscar:

I never felt a strong connection or interest toward the story of the sinking of the Titanic.  In my youth I remember seeing the eerie photographs of the wreckage on the glossy pages of National Geographic magazine but  the tragedy was so far removed that  it was hardly more than objects rotting at the bottom of the sea.

Tragedies have happened all through history with varying numbers of lost lives; the lives lost that night over a century ago did not concerned me much.

However, I came upon the story of a man who the memory of  that night tormented him. William C. Barnes, has memories of living the life of Thomas Andrews, builder of the Titanic. In our western society the idea of reincarnation is perhaps nothing more than a curiosity. An interesting one though, a chance to daydream or speculate as to who one might have been in a previous life. But God and science forbid someone actually has memories from beyond their present life.

Through regression therapy William has been able to better come to grips with that lifetime and offers a lesson to be learned beyond the soapy dramas associated with the ship. Greed, Hubris and lust for power were the causes of the sinking of the Titanic. The iceberg was just the scapegoat.

I am presently adapting William C Barnes work on the Titanic into a screenplay.

Oscar Niño

Oscar Niño has a bachelor's degree in graphic design, and post graduate studies in film from the School Of Visual Arts and The New School University (both in New York), and a Master's in Film Directing from The University of Westminster in London.